Q: How did you get into customer service?

My introduction to customer service started with a teen internship at the Buffalo Museum of Science. I worked there throughout high school in a variety of customer service types including the front desk, box office, and docent work. I later returned to the organization while pursuing my Bachelor’s in Communications for an internship in the marketing department.

Following that experience, I worked at a realty development company in downtown Buffalo where I assisted customers who were looking for luxury apartments, as well as members of the community looking to find an affordable housing option. This work exposed me to a range of people and their varying needs.

Q: Why do you enjoy customer service?

I’ve always been naturally interested in how to best serve others and solve problems. Customer service allows me to combine exercise those skills in a variety of ways that keep things interesting and is ever-evolving.

Q: What do you find the most rewarding about working in customer service?

The most rewarding thing for me is being able to make people’s lives a little bit easier. My approach to customer service is empathetic, resolution oriented with a touch of my flair. This brings me a lot of personal satisfaction and keeps me energized to move on to the next problem.

Q: What brought you to HiOperator?

I joined HiOperator one month after they relocated to Buffalo. Before that, I spent a year working in the wealth management industry after completing 6 years in the US Air Force.

Whilst wealth management was interesting, I missed the dynamic energy and comradery of Air Force life.

HiO allowed me the opportunity to be as fast-paced as I was as a young airman while being able to contribute here in the Buffalo community.

Q: Favorite eatery in Buffalo?

This is probably one of the most difficult decisions of my life. Right now I’m obsessed with Casa Azul. Tacos are a go-to for me. A high-end favorite of mine is Mortons. Honorable mention to Sea Bar - we shall miss you dearly.

Q: One thing people wouldn’t know about you?

People wouldn’t know that I love old black and white movies. Specifically westerns and anything with Carrie Grant.

Q: What’s the best part about working for a startup and being apart of the 43 North incubator?

I think the best part of working for a startup is the opportunity for growth and the ability to see an area of improvement and have to ability to take ownership and build it out. The best part of being apart of 43 North is being apart of a group of really diverse and creative individuals from all different fields.

Q: Why should someone apply to work at HiOperator?

Someone should apply if they’re looking to be challenged in their work and become a part of a team where their presence truly makes a difference.