Throughout my time at HiOperator, I have learned what it means to be apart of an amazing customer service team, built up of individuals who make important contributions. Each individual is a player on our team that makes quick-time decisions, passes the “ball” around, and works to score and create a play. This analogy of sport, to me, encapsulates how our agents balance the workload, solve tickets, and escalate issues to members that can best solve it. As they say, t.e.a.m. is an acronym for together everyone achieves more, a mindset at the heart of what makes a team efficient. Zendesk Library quotes “The secret sauce to any great customer service and support organization is the people who work in it. Every organization has good days and bad days and the way the team coalesces during each defines the service you deliver.”

Day in and out, our agents communicate with one another to address clients with a high number of inquiries, influxes of product-related issues, system glitches, and customer-relations, just to name a few. My personal experience with balancing a clients workload has enlightened me on the many aspects of what makes great customer service possible. For example, when I was first introduced to our outdoor camping client, similar to an Air BnB service, I found many of the processes to be elaborate and confusing. I can honestly say the service was daunting at the start. The feeling of learning this client was similar to a new topic in a college course, I had to study and read an FAQ page to understand the gist of the client-process, the do’s and don’ts, etc. Yes, trial and error was necessary in the beginning, and I learned quickly on what to avoid when completing tasks, but it was within learning this client’s processes where I found how the HiOperator team creates its synergy. Similar to a system of checks and balances, my account manager for this client provided a recap on what I needed to improve on, what went well, and what was exceptional. This positive reinforcement, while also highlighting what to work on, is what helped build my knowledge and confidence with the client.

My experience at HiOperator has been tremendous and has taught me the importance of working as a team, and as we move forward into the future of customer service, we ultimately hold with us the values and characteristics that never go out of style. Go team HiO!